C3 Wins HUD Contract to Provide IT Tech Services to FASS-FHA

HUD LogoC3 Systems has won a contract extension with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to support the Financial Assessment Subsystem – Federal Housing Administration (FASS-FHA) initiative by providing Information Technology (IT) project management, planning, acquisition support, and IT technical services, including software maintenance, testing, and quality assurance support related to IT products and processes. C3 Systems is maintaining and enhancing the Financial Assessment Subsystem – Multifamily Housing (FASSMF) to improve the availability of annual financial data on housing projects funded throughout the agency. FASSMF is an automated system that supports the collection, validation, and assessment of financial data for multifamily housing properties insured and/or subsidized by HUD. This financial data is used by Office of Public and Indian Housing, Real Estate Assessment Center (PIH-REAC) and other HUD program offices, including the Office of Housing, and the Enforcement Center (EC), to assess multifamily properties for non-compliance and poor performance. Upon completion of the contract, C3 Systems will have assisted the government to provide two years of systems maintenance support, to include Operational Support, Corrective and Adaptive maintenance, and associated System Development Methodology (SDM) documentation.

“FASSMF supports the multifamily goal of assessing properties for non-compliance and poor performance by automating the submission of annual financial data for properties purchased with HUD subsidies, grants, and/or FHA-insured mortgages” said Charles Thomas, President/Chief Executive Officer. “It also facilitates management and prioritization of the multifamily housing portfolio by performing automated assessments of the financial data, highlighting projects for which compliance deficiencies are identified.”

About REAC:

The Real Estate Assessment Center’s (REAC) mission is to provide and promote the effective use of accurate, timely and reliable information assessing the condition of HUD’s portfolio; to provide information to help ensure safe, decent and affordable housing; and to restore the public trust by identifying fraud, abuse and waste of HUD resources. REAC’s “product” is information; accurate, credible and reliable information assessing the condition of HUD’s housing portfolio. To deliver a quality product, REAC depends on the successful partnership of people and technology. Cutting edge technology has fundamentally transformed HUD’s old way of doing business. First, by allowing faster and more accurate work by staff, and second by literally bursting open electronic avenues of communication with HUD’s housing partners.

About C3 Systems:

Consummate Computer Consultants Systems, LLC (C3 Systems), a management consulting and information technology firm, has been trusted by leading institutions and businesses and in the government and private sector since February 2003. Today, C3 Systems supports Federal, State, and Local Government customers, is a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) (Maturity Level 3) ML3, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001, 8(a) minority-owned, small disadvantaged firm providing management consulting, software and system engineering, and other IT services.

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